CA Coastal Commission Tries to Force a Family into the Farming Business

Here’s an example of big government at its most arrogant: The California Coastal Commission is trying to armtwist a San Mateo County couple into dedicating their property to be a farm or a ranch.

Dan and Denise Sterling of El Granada are the victims of this “forced farming” power play. They want to build a house for themselves and their four children, but the Coastal Commission won’t let them unless they set aside most of their property as a public easement for farming or cattle grazing.

The Sterlings aren’t farmers or ranchers, and their land has never been a farm or a ranch. So the Commission is basically trying to coerce them into surrendering most of their property, as the price of a simple permit to build a house.

Pacific Legal Foundation attorneys are fighting back. They represent the Sterlings in a lawsuit against the Commission’s outrageous infringement of property rights. Watch this video to learn more about the story.


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