It’s time to renew your KAPO membership.

It’s time to renew your investment in defending private property rights in Kitsap County. You will soon be getting a notice in the mail that your annual KAPO membership dues are due by June 30, 2009. I sincerely hope that you have decided to continue your support of the critical work our organization does in Kitsap County. We are in our 9th year of being a very active part of government land use matters in Kitsap County and the State of Washington.

Our dues have remained the same since our incorporation in Sept. 2000. We have been very frugal with your money. Our success in managing your money has been possible by the many hours of volunteer time, dedication and expertise given freely by your officers, directors and members who serve your interest in many ways.

KAPO is recognized not only in Kitsap County but statewide as being a very effective, well organized grass roots property rights organization. Our activities have taken us beyond Kitsap County borders joining other groups to form a network of citizen activists working to stem the tide of oppressive government and burdensome taxes.

The Shoreline Master Program update is now looming on the horizon. This is a critical issue for all waterfront property owners. The Dept. of Ecology will be helping Kitsap County and its cities tighten the screws on the use of all shorelines. KAPO will be there making sure the interest and rights of shoreline property owners are heard and represented.

When you receive your dues notice can you please sit right down and write a check so that KAPO volunteers may continue without interruption our very important work? Don’t put it aside.

Remember we have monthly dinner meetings the last Thursday of every month (except November). See our calendar for the location.

No reservations required. Our dinner meetings are open to the public so bring friends and neighbors. Our dinner meetings are friendly and casual.

Our Board of Directors meetings are open to KAPO members. We meet the first Tuesday of each month 1-3pm at the Homebuilders office at 5251 Auto Center Way off Kitsap Way in W. Bremerton. Our Board of Directors meetings are “intense”, (but you’ll be glad you came!) Call if you need directions.

I really hope to see you soon.

Vivian Henderson, Executive Director


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