County commissioners skimming over property rights — again

By Jack Hamilton in the North Kitsap Herald on Jun 05 2009…

The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners are once again ready to address land use issues that will impact every person in the county. Don’t expect too much visibility on the issues as they proceed. Land use decisions are best made out of sight to avoid unfavorable reaction from those impacted.

Interim Rural Forest rules are up for consideration. The interim title is a bit of a misnomer since the process has been ongoing since Central Kitsap Commissioner Josh Brown was in kindergarten. The apparent concern is how to prevent reasonable development of land zoned one house on 20 acres. Brown is concerned that the development will be too far away from fire and police service.

Sorry, commissioner.

Please look at a map of the county and current development. North End Commissioner Steve Bauer is concerned that allowing development would change the look of the county in the future.

How is that “future impact” less desirable than forcing most of future development into urban growth areas at four to 29 homes per acre? South End Commissioner Charlotte Garrido is concerned that any action now would limit future options.

Sorry, but I miss the underlying logic of that one.

We already have a 20-year history of what the initial IRF decision has done and it is not working. Is it time for the commissioners to simply step back, allow the basic one in 20 zoning to work and not limit how the zoning is applied by the land owners?

On the same line, Garrido and her husband have donated the use of property they own to the master gardeners to operate a vegetable garden.

The commissioner is able to make that generous offer through exercise of her rights to “enjoyable use”, “disposition”, and “access” for her property and we thank her for that generosity.

Would it not be appropriate for Garrido to allow every other property owner in the county to similarly exercise their rights to their property?

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