KAPO President’s Report

by Tim Matthes

Around the State 

Much has happened this month. On Friday June 12, our editor, Jack Hamilton and Karl Duff, along with Bob Benze and myself attended a meeting in Seattle with leaders of Citizens Alliance for Property Rights (CAPR). We discussed whether we need a state property rights consortium. If we do, what should it look like, and who should head this up? KAPO’s own Jack Hamilton, along with CAPR’s Rod McFarland continue to work on these and other organizational questions. They will submit a report when they have finished their research on the subject. I would like to thank Karl, Bob, and Jack for spending their Friday nights away from home in support of property owners around the state. 

KAPO has its day in court, again! 

On Monday June 15, over a dozen KAPO members traveled to Tacoma to attend the oral arguments in Washington State Appellant Court, on our ongoing lawsuit challenging Kitsap County’s Critical Areas Ordinance. KAPO’s attorney, Brian Hoges did what I can only describe as a superior job of presenting our case. His answers to the questions that the judges asked were understandable and complete. In comparison, the answers that Kitsap County’s attorney provided were, quite frankly, not as good. Brian thinks that it might take as long as six months to receive a decision from this court. Thank you Brian for all your work, and also special thanks to all those members who made the trip.

KAPO and the PSRC Board Seats 

The operations committee at Puget Sound Regional Coordinating Counsel has taken up the request for KAPO to be given a seat on the Transportation Policy Board, and one on the Growth Management Policy Board. Vivian and I attended a June 25th meeting in Seattle of the Operations and the Executive Committees. They decided to form a subcommittee to consider how non-voting members are selected /appointed, and how long their terms should be. I guess our request is on hold until this subcommittee reports back to them. We will continue to keep you informed of any actions taken. 

KAPO Spreading the property rights message 

On June 17, Directors Mike Gustavson and Bob Benze and myself gave a presentation to about 23 members of the Commercial Real Estate Brokers of Kitsap County in Silverdale. I can’t thank Mike and Bob enough for their efforts creating our program. They answered questions, and showed by their presentations just how effective and informed our members are. Thank you Mike and Bob for representing KAPO so professionally. 

Whisky’s for drinkn’, and water’s for fightn’ over” 

The Kitsap County Planning Department may be hosting an open house/work shop to explain the new Washington State Storm Water Regulations. The implementations of these regulations are scheduled for Jan 1, 2010. This manual was created by the State Department of Ecology – with no public process. They haven’t shown that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Why didn’t they ask for input and data from the affected counties or cities?

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