Transportation 2040 hearing report.

Report by Vivian Henderson

Chuck Shank and I were on the 7:20a boat to Seattle Thursday to attend two PSRC meetings and submit testimony on behalf of KAPO on PSRC’s Transportation 2040 Draft Environmental Impact Study. (Deadline for comment Mon. 7/13)

We attended the Transportation Policy Board meeting and parts of the Growth Management Policy Board meeting. The “Courtesy” Public Hearing on the T2040 plan was scheduled during the GM Policy Board meeting so we only got in 30 minutes of the GM Pollicy Board meeting.

The public hearing was held before the Transportation Policy Board. Chuck and I went equipped with 3 different testimonies on the Draft EIS: a two pager prepared by Bob Benze, a 7 pager from Chuck and a 31 pager from Jack.

Since I was representing a group I was allowed 5 minutes to speak. I decided that Benze’s testimony was a wonderful “Executive Summary” and could be read in 5 minutes. I introduced our group as preparing 40 pages of testimony that will be submitted as our official testimony and read Benze’s aloud as the “executive summary”. (I got it all in except the last paragraph).

Our testimony was well received by several people at the meeting and they asked for copies. There were only 6 people who testified (including myself). I thought there would be more. (The other 5 testifying in favor of one alternative or another.)

PSRC announced they were extending the deadline for public comment through 5pm July 31, 2009. I did subject copies of Benze’s report (our executive summary), but I brought the rest back home. I am happy the deadline was extended so that we can take the 3 reports and meld them into one flowing report using Benze’s as the transmittal letter and Executive Summary.

The testimony our writers have prepared is outstanding. I’m anxious to see the final product once it is melded together. To take a 700 page document, review it and write such outstanding critques that Bob, Jack and Chuck have written puts our little group from Kitsap County right up there with the best of PSRC researchers and other technical and scientific staff. They’ve met their match!

I’ll send along Benze’s testimony by separate Email since I have already made it public. I would suggest you not forward it to anyone and let’s get our little dynamite package together.

Thanks, Bob, Jack and Chuck — I was proud to represent the work you have done on behalf of KAPO.


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