Kitsap County Planning Commission activity report.

by Mike Gustavson, Planning Commission Member

Planning Commission Meeting July 21, 2009

Planning Commission held a public hearing on the proposal to insert mitigation into the mix for land use decisions. It turns out, the proposal removes the only elected officials (County Commissioners) from the decision making process.

We asked for another public hearing on mitigation (August 8, 7:00 p.m. at the County admin building). This would be a good place to voice your opinion. We were very concerned that removing the County Commissioners would insulate them from ever confronting the need for code changes.

Later, we toured Kingston to see the proposed Kingston improvement plan for re-routing ferry traffic, parking and commercial development.

Next we toured the proposed Greater Hansville Community plan. It appears some in Hansville would like to keep north County ”rural” by holding the 2000 acres of Pope Resources property hostage from ever being developed. The concept of rural seems a bit off, since portions of north County area already urban density and the remainder is truly suburban.

I believe someone needs to ask the locals to define the problem they are trying to solve and see if their plan would accomplish it. A better solution would be for the County Commissioners to tell the north County folks they need to form a home owners association and solve their issues without County involvement.

McCormick Woods has had a home owners association for many years and it seems to work quite well at no cost to the County. The precedent of each neighborhood going to the County to set a special set of rules for their neighborhood will become quite costly and merely allows citizens to play the game of “Let’s watch you and him/her fight” (with the County).

If the real issue is the 2,000 acres of Pope Resources property, perhaps the locals in North County should take up a collection and purchase the property.


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