KAPO President’s Report

by Tim Matthes

PSRC Transportation 2040

    Planes, Trains, Boats and Busses
    PSRC doesn’t see what your fuss is
    It’s not real money they’re spendin’
    It’s the taxpayer’s money, it’s never endin’

I wrote this poem several years ago when the Puget Sound Regional Council first created their bright idea they called Transportation 20/20. I suspected we would see PSRC waste untold millions of our dollars, and sure enough they have created the 700 hundred-page report they call Transportation 2040. Imagine how many billions of dollars will be wasted on the mass transit priories in this report. Ideas that just don’t work.

Our members, Jack Hamilton, Chuck Shank, and Bob Benze have compiled a report and executive summary for Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners. I hope you will take a little time to read their work and consider how this Transportation 2040 plan will change each and every one of our lives forever.

KAPO will again have a booth at the Kitsap County Fair.

It promises to be different and fun to man, thanks to Jackie Rossworn, Kathy and Dan Defenbaugh, Kris Danielson, Roberta Messinger along many other volunteers. Speaking of volunteering, we need some members to give out material at the fair booth Wednesday, August 26, 2009, to Sunday, August 30, 2009. We will have four three hour shifts each day. If you feel that you don’t know enough to answer the public’s questions we can put you with a member that can answer those types of questions. Mostly we need to meet and greet the public, and encourage them to learn about property issues. Call Roberta Messinger at 360-613-0421 to sign up and get your tickets.

KAPO August Dinner

KAPO August dinner speaker will be Representative Jan Angel. Join her on Thursday, August 27, at the AA China Buffet on Sylvan way. If you are not manning the fair booth that day, I hope to see you at 5:30 at the Buffet to welcome Jan and ask her questions. Members and general public are always welcome to come and find out a little more about KAPO and it members.

Washington Policy Center Conference on Climate Change

On July 23, six KAPO members attended the Washington Policy Center Conference on climate changes and the environment with special emphasis on Eco-Fads and other slight of hand tricks used to move the taxpayer to fund an ever increasing list of feel good programs that don’t work. While we are tricked into wasting our money we also miss the chance to do the things that will truly make a demonstrated, measured improvement to our environment. I learned many things at this conference. Just a few of them are to follow.

    We must be very skeptical when someone uses the term “net cost”. It is a trick that is often used to bend the data to support a particular position. Don’t let them use net cost in place of figuring the real cost. The real cost is much harder to manipulate to support an unworkable position.

    No matter what anyone says to the contrary, when we waste money we are wasting our resources, and often damaging our environment.

    Government regulations do not and will not increase prosperity. They in fact stop it.

    The solution to our environmental problems will be found by using technology/innovations and free enterprise. Not in handing our welfare over to politicians and bureaucrats.

In conclusion, I was very energized hearing so many people feel the same way that our KAPO members do when it comes to climate change and other environmental issues.


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