Executive Director’s Report

by Vivian Henderson

The “Casualty List”

August has been a busy month for KAPO, culminating as we speak, with the Kitsap County Fair.  I don’t know how we’ve done it! “Sick bay” has been full this month with KAPO leadership.  Several of our leaders have been laid up for various reasons ~ two surgeries, one awaiting surgery (maybe), bum knees and backs, two with serious broken legs.  And, Karl Duff, our illustrious past president was hand carried 6.5 miles out of the Cascades by a Seattle mountain rescue squad. That’s our Karl, he always adds the drama. His little afternoon mountain hike ended up with a cardiac Ablation.  

Everybody seems to be on the mend now and in good spirits.  But in spite of all the trouble – KAPO didn’t miss a beat in August.  We’ve got some remarkable people. 

The County Fair

The fair is the big event for us in August. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of people to cover 3 hour shifts 12 hours a day for 4 ½ days.  I’d like to thank the following members for volunteering to “man” our booth during the fair: George & Marsha Warrington, John & Bernice Holmberg, Phyllis & John Olson, Dan and Kathy Defenbaugh, Michael Gustavson, Ron & Nadean Ross, Joan & Dennis Gorner, Dave & Faye Henden, Rob Daugherty, Chuck Shank, Bill Palmer, Donna & Tim Matthes, Roberta & Herb Messinger, Jack Hamilton, Fran Nelson, John & Bonnie Taylor, Diana Buckner, Karl Duff, Bill Henderson and Jackie Rossworn.  I hope I didn’t miss anybody.

A special “Thank you” to Jackie Rossworn.  Jackie took on the responsibility of the fair this year. She did all the planning and followed through with the work to make it a successful event.  And thanks to Kris Danielson, Jackie’s right hand.  Also thanks to Leta Danielson for decorating our booth with her wonderful art work.  It was a big job and Jackie and Kris made it look easy.  And many thanks to Roberta Messinger for her outstanding “fair” work.

KAPO “Nite Out”

Have you been able to attend our monthly membership dinners at the AA China Buffet?  About 50 or 60 of us gather for some good food and company.  We have an interesting speaker and stay current on property rights and land use issues in the county, statewide and nationwide.  We even get in some good laughs.  If you haven’t been able to join us yet I do hope you’ll plan on it soon. My favorite part is when we pass the microphone around and members share information, news, quotes, jokes and other interesting tidbits.

5:30pm AA China Buffet,
3583 Wheaton Way E
Bremerton, WA

Across from McDonalds.
Reservations not required, all you can eat. $13.50 (includes gratuity).


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