Kitsap County Panning Commission

by Mike Gustavson

Activity Report

August 4

Stormwater Manual and Low Impact Development update.  Planning Commission recommended approval of the proposed changes.

Rural Commercial and Rural Industrial zones and policy.  After considerable discussion it was moved and passed that the public hearing be continued on September 15.

Title 21 Mediation public hearing. Comments were taken and the public hearing was continued to September 1.

August 18

About thirty people attended and many spoke, both in favor and against the Greater Hansville Community Plan.  Some objected to being included in Hansville, stating their unique communities didn’t reflect Hansville.

I asked several of the speakers to define the problem this plan was attempting to solve — none could. Later I commented Department of Community Development is limited to changing the zoning (currently rural) or entries in the use tables. There was no desire to change the zoning or the use tables.

The greater interest by property owners is in preventing Pope Resources from developing their 2000 acres of forest. During the public hearing, a representative from Poe Resources stated their company was more than willing to sell their land in a single parcel or to develop it in 20 acre or clusters parcels.

I held up the Kitsap Sun article of Thursday August 13, showing Cascade Land Conservancy’s purchase of 2000 acres south of Green Mountain from Pope Resources and stating their desire to purchase more tracts of land in the Hood Canal area.

At the Planning Commission meeting 1 September, I plan to float a motion that the Planning Commission recommend to the County Commissioners that the Greater Hansville Community Plan be scrapped and the citizens facilitate purchase of the 2000 acres of Pope Resources property by Cascade land Conservancy.

Public Hearing Greater Hansville.

September 1

Public hearing, deliberations and recommendations: Greater Hansville Community Plan Work study: Site Specific Plan Amendments

(5:30 p.m.) topics:

Continuation of public hearing, deliberation, and recommendation:

Land Use and Development Procedures — Mediation and Appeals.


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