KAPO President’s Report

by Tim Matthes

shires-kapo-bulkheadThis cartoon says it all. KAPO is the bulkhead that has been protecting rights of property owners throughout Kitsap County for over 9 years. KAPO is, no question, the leader in defending property rights from unwarranted laws and regulations.

KAPO has just won our case against the Critical Areas Ordinance here in Kitsap County. The State Court of Appeals returned Kitsap County’s CAO back to the county and the Growth Management Hearings Board for rework.

Remember that KAPO pointed out many of these deficiencies in our CAO four years ago. KAPO tried to tell the county where and how the CAO could be fixed, but sadly, our efforts were ignored. Think of the thousands of hours of work, and close to a half million dollars in legal fees that could have been saved.

Now Kitsap County is starting its Shorelines Master Plan update. KAPO has the knowledge and information that should be utilized to make this update better. We must have a SMP update that will stand up to all legal challenges. The only way for our SMP to stand the legal test is if we incorporate up to date science and use an honest public process.

I hope that this time the county will incorporate KAPO’s knowledge and ideas from the start. KAPO, as always, stands ready and willing to help complete this update in a way that is fair to the property owners of our county.


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