Legislative update.

by Jack Hamilton

At Home in Kitsap

My goodness we found more money.

Just when you thought it was safe to go to sleep at night thinking you might be able to pay your taxes this month (October is second installment month) the gang of three in Port Orchard has found more ways to spend your money.

This past week they once again embarked on a program to serve as effective co-signers for a loan to a private business. The explanation is that the county is not at risk because in the event of default, the million dollar loan we have insured will simply be recovered by not sending us Block Grant monies we would normally get.

I wonder if any of the Commissioners ask those who are normal recipients of Block Grant awards if they were willing to face the risk. I also wonder if they forgot (once again) that Block Grant monies are tax dollars and need to be treated with respect. Are there not enough existing government programs to offer loans and support to small businesses that the County does not have to become a financing partner with a venture?

Where does this one end and what are the criteria for determining which businesses to support. I also wonder if this is such a good deal, why the County did not require the business to locate in SKIA to help the cash flow for that industrial park. Could it be that the business actually told the county that location made a difference to success?

Not to be outdone, the Port of Bremerton, a taxing district that has yet to even approach a break even point as a fiscal operation, decided to issue bonds and spend another $4 million on the Bremerton Marina.

This time the money is for a parking lot. Just a couple of problems here. When the original marina design was being discussed a number of more savvy folk pointed out that a marina with out adequate parking is like a black hole in the water. They also mentioned a lack of reason to pull into the marina because there is so little to do downtown.

Boat owners like to be able to park close to the landing to load and off load the materials that support their pastime. A parking lot several block away is not going to encourage additional moorage rentals.

The decision to buy the land and develop the lot simply adds another stack of unpaid tax bills on an already “deep red” operation. If the Port is unable to make the Port Orchard marina operate in the black how does throwing more money at Bremerton bring it any closer to that black condition. Who did the market analysis on this project in the first place???

In the other Washington

Most of the recent attention has been directed toward the effort to nationalize health care. The apparent failure of the administration and the resulting drop in approval ratings of both Congress and the President are clearly the direct result of lies and misinformation being distributed by a vast right wing conspiracy of common citizens.

How dare those know-nothing people who find solace in GOD, guns, and grits (well maybe not everyone likes grits) raise questions about the appropriateness of the government providing for them. How typical that a small group of ‘losers” would try to disrupt and overpower the “will of the majority” by uncivil behavior at meeting supposed to be held to receive praise and acclamation for proposed government programs.

And then to think that they might even listen to and agree with that well known group of conspirators in talk radio. How dare they??? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK YOU UNRULY DEVILS!!!!


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