Development in Rural Areas

by Mike Gustavson

We were to deliberate on a number of site specific land use applications,  some of which were encumbered by land use rule RL-8,   which restricts further development of commercial and industrial uses  in rural areas.   For those which weren’t encumbered by RL-8, we recommended approval. 

I moved we not move forward on the remaining site specifics until final wording of RL-8 was approved by the Board of County Commissioners.   The motion failed.   Staff suggested we wait until a special Planning Commission meeting on October 13 to address these parcels.   In subsequent correspondence, the RL-8 site specific parcel decisions will be delayed until early in 2010, hopefully after we have a final decision on the wording of RL-8. 

We met with the Kingston downtown design citizens and were in unanimous agreement they had done a fine job and we expect to recommend approval of their plan to the Board of County Commissions.


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