Observations on PSRC Workshop

by Chuck Shank

The Workshop was given on Thursday, October 8 at the Seattle offices of the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC),  wherein the representatives of Snohomish, King, Pierce, and Kitsap Counties are deliberating on the Transportation Vision 2040. 

This Vision 2040 prepares the way today for what the regional transportation system will become by year 2040.   Our progeny will inherit a highway system designed to alleviate the overwhelming pressure from two developing changes in our region,  namely population growth of 1.4 million more persons,  and global warming. 

That’s right.  The four counties will grow that much and the greenhouse gas emissions from that growth will affect the entire Earth’s climate.   These premises are inviolable.   No planning is allowable under any other circumstances.   Therefore the transportation system must accommodate all the persons trying to get around in 2040 as well as trying to save the climate. 

Up to this point 5 Alternatives were analyzed – KAPO prepared comments about these Alternatives which are available from our website.   The Alternatives used varying mixes of transit, capacity, and management techniques to achieve the Vision 2040 policies. 

I cannot include all 80 pages of material, but can give you subject matter of each handout.   First is the “Workshop”.   Next is ‘Getting to a Preliminary Preferred Alternative”.   Third is the “Public Opinion Survey” preliminary top-line report,  and last is the “Kitsap County Break-out Group”.

Although I’m not sure,  the documents used in the Workshop and by the Transportation Committee should be available online from the PSRC website.   Please check it out if you want more info.   There’s a lot to wade through, and acronyms galore and if asked I’ll also try to explain more of what The Planners are really saying.


To read Chuck’s full report you will find it on the KAPO web site at www.kapo.org




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