President’s Comments

by Tim Matthes

KAPO’s on going Critical Areas Battle:  First, the Appellant Court in Tacoma invalidated the county’s CAO plan.  Then the county requested that the court change their decision.  The court said no. Now the county is asking the State Supreme Court to hear their arguments.  Now it is up to the Supreme Court.  Also, the State Department of Ecology has weighed in on the issue, and I think The State Department of Ecology is putting pressure on the county to appeal this decision.  When we win at the Supreme Court, that decision will benefit all the property owners throughout the state. 

Each month I receive letters and e-mails about various subjects.  I would like to reprint two of the letters that I have received.  These letters are both thought provoking and timely.

 FIRST Letter

 Subject:  Port of Bremerton’s new $80,000.00 Public Relations person!

Port Of Bremerton 

Dear Port Commissioner Stokes: 

As an American Taxpayer; I VEHEMENTLY opposed your proposed hiring of a Port Public Relation person!  And especially spending $80,000+,  Plus $35,000 for benefits;  for another friend of former Mayor Cary Bozeman. 

This wasteful spending of our tax monies; on top of our City and County’s revenue shortfall, throwing us in a budget deficit of 4=million,  not including the City and County’s assumed Housing Authority 43=million debt from the City of Bremerton’s former Mayor Bozeman Condos failed get rich scheme! 

And this proposed wasteful spending comes on the head of a reduction in our sales and property tax; and severe City’s Marina moorage revenue shortage!   And we’re supposed to believe the former Mayor, now Port CEO Bozeman; that we can depend on new revenue from the Port’s moorage,  Fuel and Parking Fees! 

Folks you better wake up, and smell the coffee; this smells like another Bait and Switch scheme! 

What ever happened to sensible government; pay-as you go! 

Furthermore, why are we paying $80,000 for a Port PR person; when the Port has a CEO,   33 employees and 3 Port Commissioners?  And especially when our County and State Unemployment rate is over 8.5%; and our Homeless families are increasing-drastically! 

“Resolve not to be poor; whatever you have,  spend less.  Poverty is a great enemy to human happiness.  It certainly destroys liberty, and makes some virtues impracticable, and others extremely difficult”.  Samuel Jackson 

Willis Papillion



Subject:  Protest of Real Estate Property Tax

To:  Senator Derek Kilmer

        Rep. Larry Seaquist

        Rep. Jan Angel

        Kitsap County Assessor Jim Avery

        Kitsap County Treasurer Barbara Stephenson

        KAPO Directors Vivian Henderson, Tim Matthes 

I paid my 2008 property tax under protest and I protest the 2009 tax.   I am a senior citizen with limited income slightly above the $35,000 max limit for the tax relief program.   This limit has not changed for several years and I believe it is much too low and totally inconsistent with the current economy.  It should be regularly adjusted to be in sync with inflation. 

Deductions from gross income should include costs for:

a)     Medicare A, B, and D premiums

b)     Medi-gap insurance premium

c)      Co-pay of drugs

d)     Co-pay of medical care visits

e)     Dental, vision, and hearing care 

We retired seniors, on limited incomes need relief from the excessive tax now, and I respectfully request that you will seriously work for this. 

Yours truly, 

Walter R. Youngstrom

I bet you have some comments about these letters!  The letters have been included on our new blog site. It’s easy for you to make your comments. Just go to— inside



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