President’s Comments

by Tim Matthes

PSRC and VISION 2040 

Tuesday, Nov 24, 2009, the Port Orchard Council took testimony as to whether the city should ask Puget Sound Regional Council headquartered in Seattle to officially designate the City of Port Orchard as an Urban Regional Growth Center according to their VISION 2040. All of the people who testified at this hearing were against the idea.  

Some of the best testimony against becoming a PSRC Urban Regional Growth Center is in their Policy and Plan Review Manual. This manual is their instructions on becoming an Urban Growth Center. For example, on page 18 their manual says: 

Aligning growth Targets with VISION 2040’s Regional Growth Strategy  

The Regional Council has offered guidance to counties and their cities as they work to align their local growth targets with the Regional Growth Strategy. This guidance recognizes that the path from now to 2040 is more than three decades long, and that the path to 2040 may not be linear. Where recent growth has been at significant odds with the policy direction set by the Regional Growth Strategy, jurisdictions are ask to try their best to set any new targets as close to VISION 2040 as reasonably possible. Jurisdictions are ask to explain what steps they are taking to “bend the trendof recent growth to align with the concepts in VISION 2040. 

The regional Council will remain flexible by recognizing good faith efforts in its review of targets. The Regional Council will also provide guidance and technical assistance to counties and their cities as they work to prepare their targets and plan updates. The review and certification of plans will be based on the actions and measures already taken or proposed to be put in place to bend the trend, not just on an assessments of the targets alone. 

If you resist being told where you are going to live, work, shop, and how you will transport yourself around this state then you most certainly need to be bent to the will of the PSRC planners and their VISION 2040. 

 For more information on VISION 2040 go to 

You will have a chance to speak your mind on this subject on Tuesday December 01, 2009 At the Port Orchard City Hall 3d floor at 7:00 PM when the Port Orchard Planning Commission will be taking testimony and then make a recommendation the City Council.


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