Kitsap County Planning Commission Report

by Michael Gustavson

November 3, 2009 report:

We had a lively work study on a proposed Innocent Purchaser Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance.  Testimony suggested there may be a few thousand of these in the County with undetermined construction dates and uncertain permit status.  We had quite a discussion of the Staff’s proposed requirement to have the Health Department review each of the installations and under which set of rules.  The sense of the Planning Commission was to grandfather all existing ADUs and begin afresh.

We deliberated on the Storm Water Manual and voted to recommend the County Commissioners adopt it.

November 17, 2009 meeting:

We concurred in the staff’s recommendation to move all the fee schedules from various locations in the Code to a single location.

We held public meetings deliberated and voted on several requests of “open space” applications.  None were controversial.

Innocent Purchaser Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance was deliberated and we voted to have the Staff re-write the ordinance to establish a grandfather date for existing ADUs and address our concerns over the Health Department question 




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