The Nature of Sustainable Development

The transformation of America’s system of government, justice and economics.

Michael Shaw of explains the real purposes of United Nations Sustainable Development (UN AGENDA 21) He goes over the goals of these designs, which would make any freedom-loving person gasp.

Sustainable Development isn’t as it sounds. It’s not about “Sustainable Development”, it’s not about people being “self-sustaining” and it’s not about “Development” as the American mind understands it.

You will learn about how they redefine words and give them new meanings to “fool” we the people. You will learn how poison is sold as sugar; basically that is what’s going on.

Do you think your “private property” is an evil thing? Well the United Nations does. You will be amazed and upset at what is going on in the name of “saving the Earth”.

We all love the Earth, it’s our home, but some very powerful people understand that we do care and they have found that’s the best way to fool us towards their desires and against us.

Come and learn what is being played out today on mankind towards our very destruction towards the glory of a few fat cats who really don’t care about us or the world, only their “Vision” under themselves for the world, and it’s not very nice at all. In fact, it is very evil.

View the video.


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