Notes From The President’s Desk

by President Tim 

On February 25, Kitsap Allance of Property Owners (KAPO) hosted a Shorelines Master Plan (SMP) update meeting at the Naval Undersea Museum in Keyport.   We received an update and report from Kitsap County Community Development Director Larry Keaton and Environmental Projects Manager Patty Charnes.   We want to thank them both for their presentation, as well as taking the time to answer several of our questions.  We were able to use the Naval Undersea Museum Auditorium and had 55 property owners in attendance.

Also on February 25, KAPO held its annual dinner at the AA China Buffet.  We elected our 2010 board of directors and our officers for this year.   I am happy to announce our 2010 directors are Bob Benze,  Faye Henden,  Ron Ross,  Rob Daugherty,  John Taylor,  Bill Palmer,  Mike Gustavson,  Jackie Rossworn and new to the board this year Dan Defenbaugh and Bill Henderson

Our new board’s first official act was to elect our officers for this year.   We did not receive any nominations for any of the offices from the nominations committee,  and received none from the floor.   The President initiated the general consent vote and hearing no objections from the directors,  announced that Executive Director Vivian Henderson,  President Tim Matthes,  Vice President Chuck Shank,  Treasurer Dave Henden and Secretary Fran Nelson are the 2010 officers for KAPO. 

Bob Williams of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation gave us a great presentation.   He talked about what a dangerous state of affairs our state and country is in.  Bob had some good advice on how we can be more effective at defending our Constitutional Freedoms and Rights. 

We were introduced to the new Evergreen Freedom Foundation Property Rights Director,  Scott Roberts.  It was great to meet Scott.   He is the man that coordinates the various property rights groups around the state and helps them work more effectively with each other on statewide issues.   Scott is more than up to that job  and we all pledge him our support and wish him the best of luck.

January 30, 2010


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