Where There is a Will There is a Way!

By President Tim Matthes timcm@wavecable.com 

At our dinner meeting a member came up and asked, “How can we possibly win this battle?”  She was very discouraged after hearing what Senator Sheldon had to say about our State Legislature.  She and her neighbors up and down her beach would appreciate any information regarding her waterfront property and local government process for controlling it.

 The truth is that in the battle for our constitutional right to property ownership, those opposing our rights have more money.  It is also true that they think nothing of trampling over constitutional law, nor do they care about any other fundamental principles of freedom!  They think nothing of bending the truth, falsifying scientific data, destroying individual reputations, just to get their way. 

We know that nothing we do or say will convince the members of Futurewise and the environmental voters of Washington, and their friends.  We should be careful that we do not dwell on convincing Futurewise and their friends. Instead, we should keep our eye on the goal, and that is educating our fellow property owners.  This will bring down our opponents faster than anything that we could do! 

So what can we do to combat the opposition’s weapons and tactics?  We must stay our course and not get discouraged. We must renew our efforts to get out the truth.  We continue to speak up whenever and wherever we get the opportunity. 

Never miss the opportunity to pass someone a Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners contact card.  These new business cards are going to have our website information on them.  These cards will be available at the board meeting.  Please encourage young potential property owners to get involved and vote this year. 

Will you,  the membership of KAPO,  redouble your efforts to provide good science,  good educational materials,  and similar supporting information,  and make it available to our members?  This is the year of the great awakening of the U.S. taxpayer so lets take advantage of that fact.   We have worked too long and too hard to let discouragement win the day.

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