GET the Informed Voters Guide From the Evergreen Freedom Foundation

By  Lasse Lund (EFF) Citizen Action Network Director

In April, we began receiving requests from people like you who object to the tax-and-spend policies coming out of Olympia.  People wanted to know 1) how their legislators voted on key issues, and 2) how to identify candidates who agreed with their views.

So we decided to create a tool to help citizens do these two things.  With help from many of you, we began this ambitious project.

Today we are pleased to announce the release of our Informed Voter Guide. The Guide compiles a lot of information that every Washington voter should know before he or she votes. 

We identified more than a dozen bills passed this session on the important issues covered in our mission statement. Using the Guide, you and others will be able to quickly reference your legislators’ voting records on these bills and see where they rank on our Hey! Big Spender list.  The Guide also includes essential questions you can ask candidates running for elective office.

The Washington State Constitution makes it clear that when we cast our vote we are doing more than simply checking a box:  we are delegating our Constitutionally protected power for a defined space of time to another person, trusting they will use it wisely and justly.  This means we should know how a candidate has voted in the past (if they are currently elected) and how they are likely to vote in the future.

We have also commissioned a team of more than 70 volunteer researchers to conduct deeper research on legislators in several key legislative districts.  This team has been hard at work looking through news articles, YouTube videos, constituent emails, taped committee hearings, and other avenues to gather information that will help voters in those districts understand how and why their legislators voted the way they did.  We will make our findings available by month-end.  Our hope is that grassroots activists in other districts will see what kind of information is available and will conduct similar research in their own districts.

We need your help to get this Guide into the hands of your friends, family, and others all across the state.  The people of Washington are in great need of this information before election campaigns are in full swing.

Please forward this email to everyone who you think would be interested in the Informed Voter Guide. You can visit the Citizen Action Network website to find out more ways to get the word out.  If you are able, you can also help by investing financially in our efforts by donating online.

P.S. Please visit  today to download a FREE copy of the Informed Voter Guide.  A printed copy is available if you request one.  Then forward this information to others.  Thanks!


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