Planning Commission Report

 by Director Michael Gustovson

May 19, 2010 report:

During the May 4, 2010 Planning Commission meeting, Jeff Rowe-Hornbaker told us the Board of County Commissioners has removed themselves from the land use appeals process in favor of mediation for a one year trial period.

Our next project will be to review the County wide planning policies, likely beginning with our June 1 meeting.

The West Sound Conservation Council has been established as an advisory group to the County on environmental issues.

The County is seeking input for updates to the building code.  (Last year Kitsap County adopted the International Building Code as it’s standard.)

Soon we will be reviewing Large On-Site Sewage systems, along with Land Use (Title 16).  The question that needs to be raised is how small is too small for existing lots to be developed in the rural areas.

A rural outreach will be conducted by Department of Community Development (DCD) on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) and manufactured homes

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