Shoreline Facilitator is Being Paid to be Rude

by Marcy Kelley

Why on earth would anyone be surprised that Kitsap County’s property owners are getting short shrift from the mediator being paid to conduct the debate over shorelines regulations (“County’s facilitator ruffles feathers in shoreline debate,” July 2)?

Despite what is supposed to be a cooperative process, the deck has been stacked in favor of the tree-huggers from the start.  The county commissioners don’t have the guts to impose the Draconian regulations they want, so they appoint a task force to do it for them, thus providing political cover.

Mind you, the members of the panel were cherry-picked by Charlotte Garrido, Josh Brown and Steve Bauer to reflect their own eco-terrorist viewpoint, so it’s not as though the fix isn’t in anyway.  But just to keep the task force’s token property rights advocate (KAPO’s Bob Benze) in line, they shopped over in Seattle for an “impartial” facilitator who’s just as agenda-driven as they are.

Kudos to the commited souls who attend these meetings and continue to speak out in the face of an-out-of-control board of commissioners and their paid bully.  You and I would have given up in frustration years ago.

We thank Jeff Rhodes and the Port Orchard Independent for this article. Marcy Kelley is a Port Orchard resident and a Port Orchard Independent Contributor.


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