Ask Jay Inslee to help reduce shoreline wake damage.

by William Maier, shoreline homeowner

Dear neighbors and users of the shore,

Over the years Puget Sound commercial vessel traffic has changed.  The number of vessels using the waterway has increased.  The vessel size has increased.  The SPEED of the vessels has cumulatively increased, naturally the size of vessel WAKE has also increased.  All these factors add up to property damage, environmental damage, excessive erosion, logs and debris thrown onto roadways, walkways, and front yards at high tide conditions as the waves hit shore.  Basement and ground level flooding of homes has occurred.  The waves also scour our critical seabed at extreme low tides.

In an effort to change the laws involving international shipping and the dangers imposed on our local shores, please read the following attachment.  If you are in favor, please sign and return this draft letter to:

Option 1.  *best*  Return a scanned PDF signed copy to  By sending here you will automatically be added to an email list to the receive updates on progress.  All copies will be sent to our Congressman.

Option 2.  Send or deliver signed copy to address shown on letter, or…

Option 3.  Mail to Jay Inslee, 403 Cannon HOB,  Washington, D.C. 20515-4701 (slow due to security)

Option 4.  Go to Jay Inslee’s web site, fill out form and copy and paste attachment into the message box.  (or message of your choosing)

By all means, share this request with anyone you know who may have an interest in preserving our beaches, bluffs, seabeds and public safety.

We need many voices to be heard so please do your part if you hold an interest.

If you decide to respond to Mr. Inslee in any manner except Option 1, consider sending an email to to help us determine our effect in raising this issue. The results will be shared to those that respond.

Any other questions or comments send to

Thank you,

William Maier
Rolling Bay Walk
Bainbridge Island


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