Is It Over Yet?

by Vivian Henderson,  Executive Director

I’m writing this just days before Election Day, Nov. 2nd.   Although I’m sure many races will be so close they may not be decided for days or weeks, we’ll know the outcome of many within minutes after the polls close.   (I know the polls “don’t close” anymore since we’ve gone to mail-in ballots, but I’m from the old school). 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all candidates for taking on the great challenge of running for public office ~ those who won and those who lost.   It is a grueling task. Endless months of door belling, participating in forum after forum, studying the issues, nervously awaiting the next endorsement interview, graciously tolerating personal attacks and criticism, asking people for much needed funds and on and on and on!  Adding insult to injury some of you have lost the election but still have campaign debt to pay. 

For all the mornings you’ve dragged yourself out of bed,  put a smile on your face and a spring in your step and all the late nights you’ve dragged yourself home and asked yourself why you’re doing this,  I applaud you.  I’m proud of you. 

Thank you for making that commitment.  Thank you for making that sacrifice.  And thanks to your friends and family for their valuable support.  It is because of you that our democratic system works so well.  Maybe you lost the race, but you have won in many ways.  You’ve met many fine people, made valuable connections and you’ve gotten quite an education that will serve you well in the future ~ a good foundation for public service.  Build on that.  Next election you will be ready for another go at it. 

Vivian Henderson, Executive Director

Cell: 360-710-8560


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