Greens vs. Science

Climate Change Through Beer Goggles

By Todd Myers, Director, Center for the Enviroment

Washigton Policy Center

Over at the environmental blog Grist, they have a bit of fun trying to explain the impact of climate change using beer. They show what happens to beer as the temperature increases.

My favorite part of the graphic is the tiny disclaimer at the bottom: “This infographic is loosely based on IPCC’s 2007 report.” The IPCC is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the UN organization that is the go-to source for climate information, especially for the political left.

When Grist says “loosely based,” they aren’t kidding. The graphic shows a temperature increase of six degrees C from 1960 to 2100. That increase is larger than ANY projected by the IPCC. NASA estimates temperatures increased less than 0.5 degrees C since 1960 in Seattle. This is actually larger than the global average, because temperatures increase faster over land than water. So, the question is what the IPCC predicts will occur to temperatures over the next 100 years.

The IPCC predicts the likeliest temperature increase over the next 100 years is just under three degrees C. The highest projection is about four degrees C. Adding the 0.5 degrees we’ve already seen, that means the highest projection from the IPCC would be 4.5 degrees C from 1960-2100. So, Grist uses a number that is 33 percent higher than the highest estimate. It is nearly double the most likely projection.

I’m guessing beer had something to do with the creation of their graphic as well.


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