City of Bremerton SMP Meeting July 19, 2011

Bremerton Planning Commission meeting July 19, 2011
The purpose of the meeting was a Staff update of SMP work to the Bremerton Planning Commission.
Issues Covered:
(For new Development, existing Development requirements not addressed)
Buffers for new development: Current buffer 35 feet
The staff is concerned about applying a standard  (100 foot) to all residential properties. The example given was Manette’s shore drive, where most properties are less than 100 feet deep. (100% buffers considered excessive). Staff was interested in having a smaller “high quality” natural buffer. There currently no requirements on buffer
quality. New development would be required to have a Vegetation Management Plan.
Staff proposed applying a variable buffer as a percentage of lot depth, with a maximum buffer depth of 100 feet for properties greater than 100 foot depth (Implies a preference towards 30% buffers). Staff indicated:60-100 Foot standard buffer yields 90% non conforming properties 30% buffer yields 70% non conforming properties
20% buffer yields 50%  non conforming properties
View Corridors
A Public Access easement would be required  across the entire front of the property for new development if building height exceeded 25 feet. Considerable discussion of
easeing the height requirement for residential to 35 feet.
View Corridors would be required for downtown multi family and commercial development. (current requirement 25-35% of total property frontage).
Shoreline Useage
Single Family Residential use is a priority, not multi family residential. Multi family needs to be associated with water related use (mixed Use)
Subdivisions of 5 or more lots must provide for public access Commercial and Industrial: Non water related use needs to be prevented.
Physically separated from the water  Navagatibility is severely limiting  Marine upland boat storage is preferred  New in water structures must establish no net loss
Docks are allowed for single family residential
Alternatives must be considered (Mooring buoys, etc)
 Light penetration required (Grated surfaces)
 No Net loss must be achieved
Shared moorage for subdivisions of 5 lots or more 1 dock with 5 moorage spaces
Aquatic Conservancy  Mooring buoys required/no docks allowed
Bulkheads (Shoreline Stabilization)

Must prove that you need it   Resolve any upland issues (Erosion)     Plant native vegetation as mitigation    Soft armoring preferred    Soft armoring with hard elements next preferred     Hard armoring as last recourse
New construction  Must prove that bulkheads are not necessary as a condition for the permit. Vegetation Management required
The Planning commission was generally supportive of staff concepts and ideas (as spelled out in the planning commission packet)
Next Planning commission meeting 20 September 2011

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