How will new shoreline regulations be enforced?

Posted on behalf of a concerned citizen. 

I do not know Gary Tripp of Bainbridge Citizens, nor am I involved with this issue. However, I have been following it fairly closely through Mr. Tripp’s emails and I read the article on this website entitled, “Misidentifying the Problems?

When I read about something like this (the SMP), I wonder how is it going to be enforced? If it is passed, I wonder how many people are going to made violators of the law wittingly or unwittingly?

I’ve been in countries where law is so complex, so convoluted, so detailed, that people ignore the laws as as matter of course, since complying with them is outside the course of normal human affairs. A reasonable person would be driven to distraction trying to follow them. Most people become accomplices in ignoring the law. And if someone is found violating the law, punishment is swift and unrelenting.

Government in those states becomes the enemy of the citizens rather than the handmaiden. A law that is complex, draconian, and impractical in enforcement and compliance alienates citizens from their own government.

I seems to me that the human element in this proposal is being completely ignored. People need to be governed by informed consent and not by dictate.


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