Sequim dumps ICLEI membership.

The new generation of socialists are camouflaged as your friendly environmentalists and they have a new mantra that is taking over government called “sustainability”.

I’m not as much of a conspiracy theorist as I am a believer in bandwagons, and the new, shiny, left-leaning bandwagon is called the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives or ICLEI. ICLEI contains the tools that local governments use to hypnotize citizens into willingly giving up their every last right to use and enjoy their own property.

ICLEI provides tools, model legislation and best practices for implementing “sustainable development”. Scratch the surface of ICLEI and you find centralized planning concepts—designed to move people off rural lands and into densely populated urban cores where people are “encouraged” to walk (read: taxed if you drive)  and live in small box-like condominiums.

But one sensible administrator has had enough. Sequim City Manager Steve Burkett has decided to let their ICLEI membership lapse. It expired in August. Steve has been the City Manager for two years and has been reigning in his City’s expenses in response to the economic recession. Steve said, “There wasn’t a good reason to continue the membership, so we let it lapse. In these tough economic times, we’re looking closely every expense and working to save money.

Whatever his reasons, my hat’s off to Steve for dumping ICLEI. This action means more citizen control of their local government. That’s a move in the right direction.

by Scott Roberts, Property Rights Director, Freedom Foundation

2 responses to “Sequim dumps ICLEI membership.


  2. Well Done ! Having been to the Puget Sound, and having spent time on Whidbey Island, I as an Aussie, would grasp any possibility of a return visit to Gods country. WA State is gorgeous, and now it has some Free thinkers emerging who realise the futility of conforming to the ICLEI idea of stealing land, and Coupvilling (sorry couldn’t resist) ….couping everyone into vertical sprawl like some kind of Russian Project never to be able to travel outside a city’s limit without a visa.

    A pity we cannot seem to cull this mob from Australia. But we are starting to get the message out there and with guys like you starting the fight back, the resistance has a chance!

    Like you said, for whatever reason the mayor dropped Sequiems membership, the result is good for the region especially if it means land rights and property rights are protected.

    Besides, why get someone else to tell you how to tie your shoe laces when you have been doing it for forty years.

    Thankyou for the insight iris appreciated….


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