Nov 10: Kitsap ordered to shrink Urban Growth Areas?

Public Workshop and Informational Briefing
November 10, 2011, 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Klahowya Middle School, Commons
7607 NW Newberry Hill Road, Silverdale

Kitsap County will be hosting two public workshops/open houses to present the recent Central Growth Management Hearings Board decision regarding the 2006 Comprehensive Plan. In September 2011, the Hearings Board (Case No. 07-3-0019c) rendered a decision that Kitsap County must re-examine its Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) expanded during the 2006 Comprehensive Plan update process. This decision followed a five year legal challenge that ultimately went to the Court of Appeals and then remanded back to the Hearings Board for decision. This Hearings Board order is limited in scope and focuses on two main issues:

  1. What is an appropriate minimum urban density for single family residential zones in Kitsap County.
  2. What density should Kitsap use when calculating the amount of urban area or land capacity needed to accommodate population growth through 2025.

These issues primarily apply to the low-density residential zones (Urban Low, Urban Cluster and Urban Restricted) and will likely require a reduction in the sizes of many UGAs. The UGAs impacted by the decision include:

  • Kingston UGA
  • Silverdale UGA
  • Central Kitsap UGA
  • East Bremerton UGA
  • West Bremerton UGA
  • Gorst UGA
  • McCormick Woods/ULID#6 UGA
  • Port Orchard/South Kitsap UGA

The deadline for the County to revise its Comprehensive Plan consistent with the remand order is August 31, 2012. The two public workshops will provide an opportunity for residents to hear about the Hearings Board order and the issues facing urban growth in Kitsap County. These workshops will be at the following dates/times:

“Holding public workshops are an essential step in ensuring an open and transparent process on the impacts of the Hearings Board order. The workshops will be organized in three parts– an opening presentation, followed by individual discussion group exercises and concluding with an open house for attendees to speak one-on-one with County staff. These workshops are organized in a manner in which the public can discuss the impacts of the Hearings Board order as well as the complexities of providing services to urban areas” said Eric B. Baker, Special Projects Manager for Kitsap County Commissioners Office.

For more information, please visit the project website at


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