Kitsap Alliance says thanks!

Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners would like to thank all parties involved in rejecting the idea that legally built homes should become legal but non-conforming due to changes in the County’s Shoreline Master Program which are currently in the works.

During a meeting of the County Commissioners on October 24, David Greetham and Patty Charnas of the Department of Community Development recommended a solution. They asked the Commissioners to support staff moving forward on language that proposes to make existing residential and appurtenant structures “conforming”, consistent with SSB-5451. Substitute Senate Bill 5451 was adopted by the Legislature last April and signed into law by Governor Gregoire.

Over the past several weeks, shoreline property owners have delivered petitions requesting this change to the County Commissioners with over 700 signatures. Doug Lyons and Carl Shipley spearheaded the petition drive with the help of Kitsap Alliance members.

We are grateful to everyone who asked their neighbors to read and sign the petitions, and we are especially grateful to those who presented the signed petitions to the Commissioners so the voices of property owners could be heard.

Finally, we would like to thank the County Commissioners for hearing our voices and approving staff’s recommendation that the county’s Shoreline Master Program declare existing, lawfully built homes to be “conforming”.

Jackie Rossworn, Executive Director
Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners

This letter of thanks was e-mailed to the Port Orchard Independent, the Kitsap Sun and the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal.


One response to “Kitsap Alliance says thanks!

  1. Now, we need each city in the county (which have their own SMP buffers) to adopt this as well.

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