Kitsap planners envision your future.


One response to “Kitsap planners envision your future.

  1. Translated in Russian,”Planner” means “Useful Idiot”.

    Since CO2 has been classified by the EPA as a poisonous gas, and the obvious solution to the dire consequences of population growth is for deaths to exceed births, it would be logically appropriate for all Planners, being dedicated public servants and altruistic to a fault, to lead by example and voluntarily cease to respire CO2 per their mentor George Bernard Shaw.

    Planning seems to be the main function of government now, and the main employment sector leading to overspending ever shrinking budgets, and the Planners sacrifice for the public good would be much appreciated. But of course that’s absurd.

    Their Plan is for all of us to succumb to their crystalline and logical final solution.

    Please understand I have no personal animosity for Planners; I believe the pure logic of their utopian vision is absolutely breathtaking.

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