Draft Kitsap SMP sections posted for review.

The following was sent to Kitsap County SMP Task Force members by David Greetham, Environmental Planner / SMP Update Project Coordinator, Kitsap County Department of Community Development

As a follow up to the November 9th Task Force meeting, we have posted the first batch of draft SMP sections for Task Force review on the SMP website at www.kitsapshoreline.org.  Click on the “SMP Documents” tab to access the draft documents.  You will also see a link to the draft Table of Contents to show where specific sections fit within the updated SMP.

This batch of draft sections includes Commercial, Dredging, Fill, Mining, Residential, Recreation, Transportation and Utilities.  

These draft sections represent your work during the Task Force process, directives from the guidelines at WAC 173-26, portions carried over from current Kitsap County Code Title 22 and other technical input.  For context, references to the WAC guidelines or current Title 22 are included where possible.   We will notify you as additional sections are posted in the near future.

Comments should be e-mailed to me directly.  I would encourage you to focus you comments on the larger concepts at this time, but feel free to provide me with a copy of suggested minor edits or corrections as well.

Next Task Force Meeting:

Our next Task Force meeting is scheduled for Wednesday December 14, from 6:30-9:00 PM in the Kitsap County Commissioners Chambers, 619 Division Street, Port Orchard.  As a reminder, the Commissioners Chambers is the large room on the right hand side as you enter the building off Division Street.

We will discuss your comments on draft sections posted todate, and also continue the buffer discussion from our last meeting.  An additional reminder and draft meeting agenda will follow.


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