Feb 6: Kitsap Commissioners to review alternative Urban Growth Area plans.

The Board of Commissioners have scheduled a public hearing February 6, 2012 – 7:00 p.m, in the Commissioners Chambers. The intent of the meeting is to review four alternative views of the eight county Urban Growth Areas.

These issues primarily apply to the low-density residential zones (Urban Low, Urban Cluster and Urban Restricted) and will likely require a reduction in the sizes of many of the UGAs. The result of this meeting will be selection of the alternatives to be reviewed in an Environmental Impact Study. Public input is solicited on the details of the four alternatives.

You may send your input via email to Kitsap County Special Project Coordinator, Eric Baker at ebaker@co.kitsap.wa.us

Urban Growth Area Alternatives

The Growth Management Hearings Board has required Kitsap to resize its UGAs based upon trends of development allowed in our residential zones. To assist in determining these trends, Kitsap County completed a development analysis of all long and short plat development that occurred between 2000 and 2010 to assess the actual densities of development over that time period. This data is a key component of the trends analysis but far from the only data that is being gathered to project future urban densities.

Preliminary Alternatives

From the analysis of development patterns over the last 10 years, Kitsap County prepared 4 preliminary draft alternatives for the affected UGAs. These draft alternatives were developed using different assumptions such as future densities, public facilities needs and land that will be unavailable for development by 2025.

The boundaries of the 4 preliminary draft alternatives were prepared using many factors including availability of sewer and water infrastructure, basic impacts to road systems, proximities to significant critical areas, locations of existing vested plats and annexations, vacant and underutilized land capacity and, lastly, the population projections directed by the Countywide Planning Policies.

These alternatives are preliminary in every sense. None of these 4 preliminary alternatives are a staff recommendation or the preferred alternative of the Board of Commissioners. They are intended to test various UGA boundaries, density trend assessments, capital facilities needs and other factors.

These alternatives will be reduced down to three for full environmental review over the next three months. Only after the completion of this environmental review and the true impacts of each alternative is known will the Board begin public discussion of a single preferred alternative (likely in June and July 2012).

The eight county Urban growth areas can be viewed at the Kitsap County Community Development website.

There are links to the preliminary alternative maps and summary of assumptions. The maps show new boundaries, existing and future sewer infrastructure needs as well as recent annexations. Also attached below are maps of the environmentally sensitive areas in each of thee UGAs

  • Alternative 1 (smallest UGA)
  • Alternative 2 (second Smallest)
  • Alternative 3 (third Smallest)
  • Alternative 4 Current UGA, Largest)

The deadline to complete the remand order is August 31, 2012. Noted below are key public involvement stages in the process.

  • November 2011— Public Workshops on Remand Order and UGAs
  • January 2012—Public Workshops on Preliminary UGA Alternatives
  • February 2012—Commissioners Public Hearing on Preliminary UGA Alternatives
  • March –May 2012—Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Preparation
  • June 2012— Public Workshops on Draft UGA Alternatives and EIS
  • July 2012– Planning Commission Public Hearing on Draft UGA Alternatives and EIS
  • August 2012—Commissioners Public Hearing on Draft UGA Alternatives and EIS
  • August 2012—Commissioners Final Decision and Adoption

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