Bremerton SMP Presentation Inaccurate

The presentation below was made by representatives of the City of Bremerton on November 28, at a District 3 Community Meeting. Slides 3-5 deal with non-conforming status. They say that:

  • A nonconformity is something that does not comply with regulations that were adopted after it was built, and
  • Nonconforming code is intended to protect property owners

This is not consistent with a presentation by Betty Renkor of the Washington State Dept. of Ecology on October 25, 2007. The title of her presentation was “Nonconforming Uses and Structures” and slide #8 from the presentation is shown here.

According to Ms. Renkor, a nonconformity can continue to exist, but the long term goal is to eliminate it. A nonconformity cannot be increased. It can exist for a long time, but if a structure or use is “abandoned” for a period of time, the nonconforming status expires and the structure or use must be eliminated.

Bremerton’s presenter said, “Nonconforming code is intended to protect property owners.” We ask, which ones?

Here’s the Bremerton presentation in its entirety…


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