Kitsap Alliance needs outreach and social media volunteers.

Most people don’t find out how restrictive land use regulations have become until they apply for a building permit. When County or City Planning Department staffers tell them no, or put them on indefinite hold, or tell them they have to hire a bunch of expensive consultants, or agree to a bunch of conditions before they can have a permit, they feel overwhelmed. We feel their pain.

Kitsap Alliance wants to reach out to church groups, neighborhood groups, and community groups, to help educate homeowners and property owners. We want to help people know what to do before they apply for a permit. We want to use social media like Facebook and Twitter, too.

That’s where you come in.

We need one or more volunteers to develop and manage our community outreach and social media programs. We need bloggers to help write meaningful content for this blog. If you think you might like to help, contact Jackie Rossworn, Kitsap Alliance Executive Director by filling out and submitting the form below. She will get back to you asap.


Please submit to Volunteer


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