Two questions for city and county planners.

Teresa Osinski is the executive vice president of the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County. She sat in on this month’s Kitsap Alliance board meeting to help board members kick-off the new year. In a short presentation, she suggested that all those present, our membership, and all citizens interested in good government, encourage their elected representatives to ask two questions as a filter for any and all proposed regulations:

  1. How does this proposal improve the health, safety and welfare of the public?
  2. How does this proposal move the economy forward?

If the answer to #1 is, “it doesn’t, or we don’t know” then the answer to number two had better be that “it will and here’s how.”

The sense of the Kitsap Alliance board was this… if our elected representatives don’t want to ask these questions and filter proposed regulations accordingly, we should all vote for ones who will.


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