Thurston County commissioners can’t believe that the pocket gopher is not imperiled.

For almost a year now, members of the Freedom Foundation have been talking to Thurston County about the pocket gopher. They have written letters and opinion pieces, held a multitude of townhalls and small group meetings. They’ve been telling anyone who will listen about the pocket gophers and how they are not endangered—like the Thurston County Commissioner would like everyone to believe.

It didn’t take much investigation to realize that pocket gophers are everywhere. They abound in numbers and they live in a variety of habitats. Stubbornly, the Thurston County Commissioners have been blind to the facts, and have widely cast massive regulations that have created real life-changing harm to citizens impacted by these new rules. The Commissioner’s rules, however misguided, do align with their radical environmental agenda—“saving” the environment at any cost—even if the rules harm the very citizens they serve.

On January 11th, the Olympian’s Editorial Board wrote a piece about the pocket gopher encouraging citizens to “pay close attention and hold government officials accountable, because the future of this community will be shaped by forthcoming rulings”. They likened the outcome of pocket gopher regulations to rival the economic devastation of the spotted owl listing.

A year ago, a few of us took up the cause to protect Thurston County citizens from the pointless regulations levied by the Thurston County Commissioners. We were working to tell unknowing citizens about what was going on. Many joined in and volunteered with our growing movement. We have been steadfast in our desire to tell the truth and haven’t given up in spite of stonewalling bureaucrats.

Today the tide is turning. When the Olympian comes out parroting the Freedom Foundation’s talking points, well, let’s just say it’s very unusual. I’d have to say that the Commissioners are now standing alone on this one. It’s time for the Commissioners to surrender to the truth.

from the Freedom Founadtion website.

Olympian Editorial: Pocket gopher decision must be based on solid evidence

Thanks to Evergreen Freedom Foundation


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