County planners imagine “Natural” and “Rural Conservancy” designations for shoreline properties.

In the SMP update, the County, although not required to do so, has chosen to adopt the shoreline designation system found in the Department of Ecology guidelines, WAC 173- 26-211. These separate the shorelines into the specific environmental designations of Natural, Rural Conservancy, Urban Conservancy, Shoreline Residential, and High Intensity. An Aquatic designation is also used for areas waterward of the ordinary high water mark. These designations would replace the existing system which designates the shoreline as Natural, Conservancy, Rural, Semi-Rural, or Urban.

In both systems, the controls to limit or prevent development become increasingly more stringent as designations move from those applicable to the built urban environment toward the less developed Conservation and Natural environment designations.

Read comments by Kitsap Alliance board member Bob Benze below.


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