Should unlicensed DOE staffers call themselves geologists?

Consulting reports from licensed professionals are utilized and relied upon in public and the private sector for the purpose of making land use decisions. In some instances, unlicensed Department of Ecology staff members are participating in the very important decision making process.

Please consider signing the petition that is attached via the link below. This petition is sponsored by Ed Kilduff, a member of Common Sense Alliance and an environmental professional with over 20 years experience in geology, hydrogeology and engineering geology. He holds seven licenses in two states.

Jane Cable, Board Member, Common Sense Alliance


Petition text:

The Geology Board has turned a blind eye to the unlicensed practice of geology, hydrogeology, and engineering geology. We, the undersigned, believe that one of the most persistent violators of the geology licensing laws (RCW 18.220) has been the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology).

Ecology personnel assume titles such as “Hydrogeologist” despite having no license. In addition, Ecology wetland scientists regularly and openly practice hydrogeology and geomorphology without a license. Unlicensed Ecology staff have even rejected the geological reports of licensed professionals, harming the public welfare and interfering with the right of licensed professionals to practice in their lawful profession.

Despite complaints filed with the Board of Geology, the Board has not enforced against such activities, and in fact, the Board has published specific policies outlining their official stance of non-enforcement. In so doing, the Board has aided and abetted the unlicensed practice of geology.

We, the undersigned, demand that the Geology Licensing Board revoke its policies of non-enforcement. We insist that the Geology Licensing Board fulfill its statutory authority to protect the welfare of Washington citizens by vigorous enforcement against unlicensed practice. We call on the Board to enforce, and if the Board refuses, we call on the Legislature and the Governor to consolidate the Board of Geology with the Board of Engineering (as has been done in California), or to do away with the Board of Geology altogether, as it is better to be without a Board than to live with the illusion of an effective Board; a Board that exists in name only, with an unfulfilled promise of protection.

Sign the petition here. 


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