Whatever happened to global warming?

The political price of cap-and-trade was paid on election day, 2010.  Almost every close House race went Republican, if an incumbent Democrat had voted for it. In the Senate, which never considered it, every close race went to the Democrats.

Meanwhile, the public, which never was all that big on it, grew increasingly disenchanted with global warming.  When first polled by the Pew Organization in January, 2007, 38% of respondents rated it as a “top priority” for congressional action. This month that figure is 25%, dead last among the twenty possible issues presented by Pew.

The political price was paid, and the public simply tired of the incessant gloom and doom campaign by government scientists, environmental organizations, Al Gore, the Weather Channel, Center for American Progress, every Environmental Science Department in higher education, the public schools, private schools, and Hollywood science experts (of which there are plenty—just ask!).

Read the whole story by Partick Michaels at Forbes.com


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