Title 16 Requires 25ft Native Buffers in Rural County

I attended the Commissioners Monday night public meeting on February 13th and was very concerned about the passage of Title 16 and 17. Charlotte Garrido made it very clear that there will be 25ft native buffers required in Title 16. What else will you be required to give to the county but still pay taxes on? What part of your land do you really own?

Read Kitsap Alliance Title 16 Testimony: Ltr-KAPO-To_BofCC-Title16-1-23-12

Title 16 requirements

16.48 Short Sub Divisions

16.48.010 Purpose

The purpose of this chapter is to provide requirements for the division of land that are specific to Short Sub Divisions. The requirements are in addition to those set forth in Chapters 16.04 and 16.24 KCC. Pursuant to RCW 58.17.020(6), short subdivisions within the UGA boundaries may contain up to nine lots; short subdivisions outside the UGA boundaries are limited to contain up to four lots.

16.48.020 Preliminary Short Subdivisions

Preliminary Short Subdivisions are classified as Type II applications under Chapter 21.04.04 KCC. The Director shall review the application to ascertain if it conforms to the following requirements;

A. Chapter 16.04 KCC, General Provisions;
B. Chapter 16.24 KCC, Land Segragation Standards;
C. The preliminary short plat shall consist of the following:

1. Maps …….…

10. Except in UGAs, a minimum 25-foot wide native vegetation buffer around the perimeter of the short subdivision. If this area, as it exists is void of native vegetation, plantings will be required to creat or recreate the buffer. This requirement may be modified by the Director to be compatible with the surrounding area, upon submittal with the preliminary application, of narrative and photographic documentation of existing conditions.

Jackie Rossworn, Executive Director
Kitsap Alliance


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