Shoreline regulations legal issues.

Fifty shoreline homeowners attended a meeting on March 9, 2011. Attorney Dennis Reynolds made a presentation regarding the legal issues surrounding Bainbridge Island’s Shoreline Master Program update. Many of these issues are relevant to all shoreline homeowners. The following video clips are as relevant today as they were last year. 

Part One: About Dennis Reynolds
Dennis introduces himself and explains how he gained so much knowledge and experience with Washington State’s environmental regulations.

Part 2: About the Shoreline Management Act
Dennis talks about Washington States Shoreline Management Act and how it has been interpreted by the state’s Department of Ecology, local planners and the courts.

Part 3/4: Shoreline Management Program Update Issues
Dennis discusses his experience with SMP updates in Jefferson and San Juan Counties, and suggests best practices for participation by affected property owners on Bainbridge Island.

Part 5: The Scary Part
Dennis outlines a legal strategy being used by attorneys representing the City of Bainbridge Island that claims shoreline homeowners have no property rights.

What’s so scary? The City of Bainbridge Island says shoreline homeowners have no “property right” to apply for or construct a dock. See their argument below…


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