Barker Creek meets clean water standards

SILVERDALE — State health authorities have lifted a shellfish closure in Dyes Inlet at the mouth of Barker Creek near Silverdale, following a successful pollution cleanup program, officials say.

A pollution identification and correction (PIC) program launched by the Kitsap Public Health District in 2004 reduced levels of fecal bacteria in Barker Creek by half, according to Stuart Whitford, the district’s PIC program manager. The stream now meets state standards for bacterial pollution.

During the cleanup effort, the health district inspected 333 properties in the watershed, resulting in the repairs of nine failing systems. Meanwhile, the Kitsap Conservation District worked with farmers to develop 31 pollution plans based on “best management practices.” To battle pollution in stormwater, the Kitsap County Surface and Stormwater Management Program increased its focus on cleaning storm drains, pipes, ditches and stormwater ponds. Ponds at the corner of Nels Nelson and Bucklin Hill roads received compost-amended soils and native plants to improve water treatment.


By Christopher Dunagan Kitsap Sun Tuesday, April 3, 2012  Read the full article here.


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