Property owners need protection from unlicensed geologists.

One of the Six BIG Problems we’ve identified with the Shoreline Master Program Updates  is the use of “best available science” that isn’t. Frankly, that’s a big problem with a lot of land use regulations and actions by well meaning planners and agency staffers.

There is a bill that’s being considered during the current special session of the Washington State Legislature that would deal with part of the problem. It deals with violations of our state’s geology licensing laws (RCW 18.220). One of the most persistent violators has been the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology).

Ecology personnel assume titles such as “Hydrogeologist” despite having no license. In addition, Ecology wetland scientists regularly and openly practice hydrogeology and geomorphology without a license. Unlicensed Ecology staff have even rejected the geological reports of licensed professionals, harming the public welfare and interfering with the right of licensed professionals to practice in their lawful profession.

If you think it’s time to require Ecology to follow state law, please read and sign this petition.

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