Bremerton Planning Commission Mar 20 SMP Hearing Results

The Bremerton Planning Commission held a meeting on March 20 with a discussion of “nonconforming status” for existing, lawfully built homes and House Bill 5451.  The commission was asked to express it’s policy on two issues:

Issue: Should the City create an alternate name for legal nonconforming residential structures on the shoreline

  1. Vote: Maintain current designation of Legal Non conforming
  2. Rational Given: This is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan to encourage Eventual Compliance.

Issue: Should the City allow for the full replacement of such residential structures an unlimited number of times?

  1. Vote: Allow 100 % replacement of houses destroyed by natural causes (fire and earthquake). Only allow voluntary replacement of 75% of existing structure’s value without requiring compliance with current building and shoreline codes (including buffers and setbacks).
  2. Rational given: Current zoning codes only allow replacement of 75% of the building’s value without bring the unit into full compliance including setbacks.

Staff Briefing Papers: Bremerton Non compliance 03202012



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