Spies like us or “friends” of the San Juans?

From the Freedom Foundation website: This video comes from a Town Meeting on Orcas Island a few weeks ago. … The Freedom Foundation was invited to do a story on a small organic farmer on Orcas Island named Charles Dalton who was being hassled by San Juan County for a garden shed and various other perceived property violations on his small blueberry farm.  A local “environmental” organization called Friends of the San Juans had apparently been the catalyst and self-appointed neighborhood enforcer for the original harassment of this farmer – Charles Dalton.  We posted this video a few months ago. 

The video which we helped to produce got a lot of local coverage in San Juan County, and many people responded to how their neighbor was being treated in their local community.  Friends of the San Juans apparently needed to burnish their image with the residents of Orcas Island after this story became well-known, so they called a Community Meeting where they wanted to get back in the good graces of the local residents who were supporting their friend and neighbor – Charles Dalton…

As you can see from some of the resident’s questions, they were not happy with this self-created role for Friends of the San Juans.  Spying, trespassing, taking photos of neighbors, turning neighbors into the authorities, and then pushing the authorities to harass the targeted individual seems to be their standard operating procedure.  As you can see from this video, Stephanie feels perfectly entitled to take the role of community spy and informer.  She has justified this behavior to herself, and probably a little less effectively to her fellow residents of San Juan County in this video…

It was also instructive to learn that the targeted farmer’s neighbor was a significant donor to the Friends of the San Juans (and had a 120 acre estate next door plus a newer salt-water dock – one of the few private docks in the San Juans which was not challenged in court by Friends of the San Juans).  Apparently, that neighbor didn’t like leaving his estate and seeing the poor farmer’s small shed and farm implements on the way down the private road to his gated compound .  This large,wealthy donor outsourced his complaint to Friends of the San Juans, and Stephanie obviously did the dirty work to harass the farmer – which is why she was in this video defending her actions.

Click here to read the rest of the story.

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