Public express concern about Poulsbo SMP Update

The Poulsbo City Council is three weeks away from approving its Shoreline Master Program update. As the city nears the final stage, people are requesting more time to make sure the complicated document is accurate before it’s sent to the Department of Ecology for approval.

There continues to be confusion about whether a building that falls within the proposed shoreline buffer could be rebuilt if it were destroyed by a fire or natural disaster, or if it was torn down and rebuilt. The plan allows a building, either commercial or residential, to be rebuilt within its existing footprint, city planners said. If it expands beyond its footprint, 25 percent of the new space must be dedicated to a water-dependent use, according to the plan.

Councilwoman Linda Berry-Maraist repeated concerns about shoreline buffers and setbacks, which at 125 to 200 feet encompass all of downtown. The only way to change the buffers would be to do a new shoreline analysis and the city doesn’t have the time or the money to do that research now.

The council directed city planners to take the public comment from Wednesday’s meeting and incorporate it into the final draft of the plan, which will be available for public review before its planned May 2 approval date.

Read full Kitsap Sun article by Brynnn Grimley


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