What is actually polluting Puget Sound? Updated

If you read the Kitsap County Shoreline Masterplan Update you could be lead to believe that shoreline residential owners are a major source of pollution to the Puget Sound and need to be controlled by restricting of up to 130 feet of their property to native vegetation only. These restrictions are placed on the property at the time a building permit is applied for; backed up by the requirement for a performance bond and a permanent notice placed on the land title.

In the last six mouths Municipal sewage overflow has dumped over 25 Million gallons of untreated sewage into the sound closing beaches and restricting shellfish harvest.

The single greatest source of non-point pollution in the sound is stormwater runnoff from our roads. If the county was serious about cleaning up the Sound. It would establish a list of the major contributors to Sound pollution, establish a priority list of actions to reduce pollution and measure results.

Attend the City and County SMP  meetings and ask about the science and priorities.


One response to “What is actually polluting Puget Sound? Updated

  1. The City of Bremerton treatment plant near the auto dealerships is rated at 10 million gallons a day. During rain storms it can get over 60 million gallons in a hour, because the storm run off and sewer are tied together in the same pipe in many parts of the City. Ever wonder why we have so many red tides notices in Sinclare and Dyes Inlet? Now you know.

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