Bulkheads and Climate Change

The State clearly believes in the threat imposed by climate change and is implementing procedures to minimize its impact.

Why then are they precluding the only effective solution to the problem of rising sea level? Rather than allowing the citizens to maintain and improve bulkheads to protect their property, the county is advocating use of soft bulkheads of woody debris. This solution will not work in the face of rising sea level, as sooner or later the soft bulkheads will be be washed away. Don’t believe it? Ask the folks who install bulkheads. Soft bulkheads need to be repaired or replaced every year or two, with or without climate change and sealevel rises.”.

Kitsap County goes so far as to state “Shoreline stabilization measures shall not be for the purpose of creating dry land (Current 22). Leveling or extending property, creating or preserving residential lawns, yards or landscaping shall not be allowed except when other otherwise allowed in this section due to health and safety.”


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