Safe Boats to begin building boats in Tacoma

Safe Boats has just received a 35 Million dollar contract to build a new class of Navy Patrol Boats. At 78 feet long, it will be the largest craft that the company has built. In order to build this boat, Safe Boats will be leasing a 22,000 square foot facility on the Tacoma waterfront. They need a waterfront facility because it is very difficult to transport a craft of this size over the highway. It is also reported that Safe Boat’s current facility at the Bremerton airport is to small to build such a large craft.

A close look at the county’s proposed Shoreline Management Plan  reveals there is no location in the county where such a water related business would be allowed to relocate to be on the water. One choice could be to place such a facility on the open land at the old Pope and Talbot sawmill at Port Gamble. To date the local conservationists and Indian Tribes have resisted all attempts to even place a pier there to support tourism. The primary thrust of all of the county and city Shoreline Management Plans is to restrict property owners rights and commercial development.  It is time to rethink our policies and encourage successful companies to grow and prosper in Kitsap County.

Read More in the Kitsap Sun:

Safe Boats announces $35 million Navy contract
OUR VIEW | A contract of firsts for Safe Boats


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